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Adguard Web Filter review

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Saulo Velez

Adguard Web Filter review

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If you are annoyed by the unwanted ads and pop-ups while you browse the Internet, Adguard Web Filter is here to lend a helping hand. It is one of the best ad and pop-up blockers available out there on the Internet.

Design 9/10

The Interface of the Adguard Web Filter epitomizes appeal. It has been well-organized without the trace of any clutter. The window of the software shows whether or not the protection is enabled in a clear, big and bold way. Along with the status, the main window also covers other essential features on its face. However, as you click on any of the features, you dig inside it where essential setting and tweaking can be done. The green and white theme of the application is soothing and eye pleasing.

Key Functions 9.5/10

The Internet holds a large amount of information in a plethora of ways with ads being one of them. They pop-up anytime and from anywhere, thereby, spoiling the entire experience of browsing the web. To kill such ads even before they show up. Adguard Web Filter offers numerous essential functionalities.

Its simple yet powerful ad blocking feature blocks unwanted ads and if you wish, you can apply a filter so as to see the ads that interest you. The software also allows you to block cookies from a third party, hide search queries, etc. With this software, you can also go into stealth mode by hiding your IP and hiding your referrer from third parties.

One of the most important features of the tool is “Browsing Security.” With this amazing feature in your hand, you keep fraudulent activities, phishing websites and malicious elements at bay. The application also offers the function of parental control with which parents can keep an eye on their children as they browse the web.

Usability 9.5/10

Adguard Web Filter software has a plethora of uses which the users leverage for a seamless browsing experience. Those who are frustrated with the ads while they work on the internet or rejoice multimedia online, the software is their lender to the last resort. Also, the software comes handy when a user needs to browse an unreliable website. The application, with its cookies blocking functionality, ensures that no cookies stick from the untrusted sources. It is also a great parental control tool for all the parents out there.

All in all, Adguard Web Filter is a powerful utility that strengthens your defense system as you browse the internet and keep unwanted and irritating ads far away.

Cross Platform Use 9/10

The software works perfectly fine with Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows Vista 64-bit, Windows 7, Windows 7 64-bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64-bit, Windows 10, and Windows 10 64-bit.


Gone are the days when users had no control over the Internet ads. With the foray of this powerful software – Adguard Web Filter – not only you can eliminate the ads from your screen but also boost the page load time and filter unnecessary social media widgets. The tool rests quietly in the system tray, thus, ensuring it does not become obtrusive as you surf the internet. With essential settings and tweaking, Adguard Web Filter offers you full control over the way you wish to secure yourself from all the annoyance you face while working on the Internet. 

Get rid of unwanted ads and pop-ups with the help of a powerful and effective utility – Adguard Web Filter.


  • The Trial Period is of Only 14 Days.


  • Powerful Ad Blocking Features
  • Parental Control Add-on
  • Supports Wide Range of Web Browsers.

Design 9

Key Functions 9.5

Usability 9.5

Cross-platform use 9

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