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All Icon Sets review

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Saulo Velez

All Icon Sets review

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The All Icon Set is a program that gives you a collection of over 200 icon sets. These sets contain more than 25,000 icons which can be used for applications of all types. From menu icons to toolbar icons, the All Icon Set has what you want.

Design 9/10

The program is simple to understand and use. It is designed for program or application designers as well as developers that require icons to match their completed work. The All Icon Set program is quite basic to look at but performs exactly what it needs to without the hassle of extra additions and layers. Every icon is clear, precise, and detailed well to give you the best looking icons for your applications.

Key Functions 7/10

The very basic function of any icon is to enhance and provide information to you, the user, about the application it is assigned to. Similarly, the All Icon Set delivers icons for every possible application. Business applications, toolbar applications, flat icons with sources, table icons, office icons, logistics and automation icons, website icons, CMS icons, and user icons are just some of the various icons you get once the set is purchased. These icons are ideal for adding to your website and applications and can also be printed with high-quality results. You can even edit these icons, so they perfectly match your applications. Whether you're an app developer or not, the All Icon Set is perfect for customization. With over 25,000 icons to choose from, you can rest assured that you will have an icon for every kind of application - no matter what it is. With crisp and bright detailing, these icons can be used for practically any application or program and ensure substantial enhancement.

Usability 10/10

As described earlier, the All Icon Set is extremely easy to use. It is ideal for both skilled programmers and developers as well as novice users who are looking for a way to enhance their websites or applications. With unlimited access to thousands of different icons, you can simply choose the one you want and attach it to your application. If you would like to customize the already available icons, you can do so easily as well.

Cross-Platform Use 8/10

The All Icon Set is available for use on desktops. It is compatible with the Windows operating system only and is not supported on Mac OS. The program is suitable for all versions of Windows.


While there are quite a few icon packs available online - both paid and free - the All Icon Set stands out for more than a few reasons. Given the fact that it is a paid program, you can rest assured that the icons you get are all high-quality and extremely usable for any application you choose. The icons available in the set come with stunning graphics to help make your application stand out from the thousands of others. With bright colors and sharply detailed images, these icons are a must-have for any programmer, designer, and developer. You can be sure to find an icon you're looking for from the 200+ packs and 25,000+ various icons readily available to you.

If you have an application or website that needs icons to help it shine, the All Icon Set is your best option with icons for every possible application available.


  • Quite expensive to purchase
  • Limited compatibility options.


  • 25,000+ icons to choose from
  • 200+ packs to serve every use
  • High-quality images and graphics
  • Easily printable.

Design 9

Key Functions 7

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 8

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