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Amazing Frog? review

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Amazing Frog? review

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Amazing Frog? is a charming and hilarious physics-based sandbox game that guarantees tons of laughs and fun pastime to both kids and adult players. You can download Amazing Frog? from Steam and compete with your friends to see who can cause more mayhem in the virtual world of Swindon. 

Graphics 6/10

The graphics are not the game’s best selling point. Visually, Amazing Frog? reminds of the early PlayStation games that were so incredibly fun to play that no one really cared about how they looked. While the cartoonish art style of the game might sporadically be good or even great, most of the time, it looks downright outdated and unattractive. The background music is generally likable and dynamic enough to make you want to keep going. Also, lagging and graphical glitches are something you will have to put up with when you are playing this game. 

Gameplay 7/10

According to the game's concept, you are a rather clumsy erect-walking frog who rambles through the streets and, in every possible way, disrupts the life of a peaceful UK-based town called Swindon. There is a lot of crazy and fun stuff you can do as you make your way through the town like crash into things, jump rooftops, jet-ski, drive vehicles or be accidentally driven over by those, get inside cannons to be fired high into the air, go to the moon, hunt for trophies, and more. The main idea is for you to score as many points as you can, but it is not always easy to focus on that goal considering how many enjoyable distractions come your way.

One of the game’s distinct advantages is its split-screen multiplayer mode that allows you to share all that fun with your friends. Besides, you can purchase different packs to customize your frog’s look and add more items to your virtual world to make your interaction with it even more exciting.

Controls 8/10

The Amazing Frog? game was originally designed for OUYA consoles, but its compatibility with PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers allows sharing the experience with up to three of your friends in the co-op mode. The controls generally feel very manageable and easy to pick up and play.

Replay Value 7/10

Since there is no palatable storyline in the game, its replayability essentially stands upon how much you fancy walking around aimlessly, doing whatever you feel like doing at any particular moment. In general, if you just want to pass the time and are not looking for something to meaningfully enrich your gaming experience, Amazing Frog? is entertaining and enjoyable enough to do the trick and give you a few hours of relaxed fun.


Amazing Frog? is not the kind of game you can call everyone’s favorite, and it obviously deserves its fair share of criticism for being so graphically unimpressive and content-wise lacking. However, if all you want from it is to have a little fun with your friends, Amazing Frog? is definitely worth your attention and time.

Graphics 6

Gameplay 7

Controls 8

Replay Value 7

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