Six Fortnite Weapons You Must Pay Attention To

An experienced player can benefit from all of the weapons available in Fortnite. However, you can always find a weapon that experienced players called the best among others. If you are a beginner and would like to learn about six best weapons in the game, then check out the list that we made below.

Semi-Automatic Rifle

Semi-Automatic Rifle fortnite

Undoubtedly, a semi-automatic assault rifle is the most powerful weapon in Fortnite. Currently, it is available only in the Rare mode. But this is the best weapon you can get in the game! It is useless at close range, but don’t forget that it is a sniper rifle. Besides the obvious reasons, if you need an accurate shot from a distance, you will get it using SAR.

Pump Shotgun

Pump Shotgun fortnite

A pump shotgun solves a bunch of completely different tasks. Regardless of the rarity, the weapon you will use is the best weapon compared to other action shotguns, which have less DPS. Of course, the semi-automatic shotgun is just a more versatile weapon, but the pump-action system can perform better at close distances.

SCAR Assault Rifle

SCAR Assault Rifle fortnite

Assault rifles are the bread and jam of any shooter, and Fortnite is no exception. This weapon should be installed in your first slot. Epic and legendary assault rifles have increased damage compared to conventional and usual variations. An assault rifle is usually a general weapon.

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle

Bolt-action Sniper Rifle fortnite

It is a powerful and very accurate sniper rifle with a shutter mechanism, which leads to reliability, but a lower rate of fire. In addition, it is the most dangerous type of sniper rifle in Battle Royale mode. Do not let DPS values ​​mislead you. In fact, the rifle has the lowest DPS due to the built-in bolt mechanism, but it is better than an automatic sniper rifle.

Rocket Launcher

Rocket Launcher fortnite

Many players are still discussing whether to add a rocket launcher to the list of the best weapons in the game. But it all comes down to damage statistics, where the rocket launcher wins on the background of each weapon.

Legendary Pistol

Legendary Pistol fortnite

The last one on our list of weapons is the Legendary Pistol. Some players know that, in spite of this weapon doing decent damage to enemies, there are still some things that need to be changed. Most players even switch it to SMG when they destroy enemy buildings because it’s not working. However, the weapon should be in your equipment, but only after Epic Games fixed it.

Which One to Choose?

Naturally, in online shooting, we have a lot of weapons. Some are better, others worse, but one thing is certain: we can’t win without them. Of course, the most experienced players can handle any weapons, but it is better to equip yourself with quality armor.

Of course, each of you probably has a favorite type of weapon. Now you know which arsenal is best to use. One more thing, if at the beginning of the game, you hit one of the weaker types of weapons, pick it up. Later, you can replace it with more powerful weapons.

So, did you like our top list? Maybe, something is missed? Share your thoughts and experiences in the comments section below.

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5 Upcoming Indie Games To Play

Are you a passionate gamer? While most players are busy completing or waiting for triple-A projects, some games stay unnoticed undeservedly. Many factors can be the reason for this. For example, unknown developers who don’t get trust from the audience, lack of loud advertising, or a small budget.

Yes, the work of independent studios is often very specific or even extraordinary. But some games can easily outshine high-budget games with a successful release, deep meaning, and tricky gameplay. Passing by a similar project, you can miss the opportunity to have great fun from the completion and new unique gaming experience. To prevent you from this, we made up a list of top 5 cool indie games that you couldn’t miss.

The Last Night

The Last Night gameplay

While we look forward to the release of Cyberpunk 2077, developers from Odd Tales are polishing their unusual post-cyberpunk-style indie project with cinematic gameplay and pixel graphics. It’s amazing how they managed to produce a strikingly beautiful picture and a unique combination of two-dimensional and three-dimensional graphics. Remember how the developers of Cyberpunk 2077 boasted that dialogs in the game would be inseparable from the gameplay? It turns out that they are not alone in their ideas because in The Last Night, the character will also be able to grab a weapon during communication with the NPC, or simply leave in the middle of a conversation, and so on. Also, pay attention to the camera work because it allows you to take a fresh look at the genre of an action platformer, demonstrating spectacular angles while moving around the city, shootings, and dialogs. Despite the pixelated style, the simulation of reality will surprise you.

12 Minutes

12 Minutes gameplay

What about an interesting script based on the events that were taking place during twelve minutes in one single room? However, a game based on this script provides more than six hours to complete it. A thriller with elements of survival called 12 Minutes will tell you about a man and his wife who, during a romantic dinner, find themselves in a death trap.

Police officers break into the room, accuse the woman of murder, and within the next twelve minutes, the couple dies. Thanks to supernatural intervention, the protagonist has the opportunity to return exactly twelve minutes each time and look for ways out of this situation. Surprisingly, at first glance, the simplest room contains a lot of hidden opportunities that will open after each movement in time.

To recreate the claustrophobic atmosphere of a closed room and convey the realism of what is happening, the developers even built a room layout directly in the studio and constantly experimented with the plot and arrangement of objects.

Cris Tales

Cris Tales gameplay

Cris Tales is a two-dimensional role-playing game that pays tribute to classic JRPGs like Final Fantasy VI and Chrono Tiger. However, the project differs from its predecessors by the mysterious mechanics of time management. Your character can see the past, make decisions in the present, and feel their consequences in the future. In addition, during the battle, you can send your enemies back and forth in time, thereby unbalancing them and getting the opportunity to perform deadly attacks. As for the setting, this is a true JRPG with slightly gothic medieval notes.

Star Renegades

Star Renegades gameplay

Star Renegades is a tactical RPG plaything in a sci-fi setting with pixel graphics. In the story, the rebels are fighting against the oppression of the empire, arranging interplanetary riots. It sounds like a plot for Star Wars, but the game has nothing to do with the George Lucas universe. Here you will find dynamic battles, a generated campaign with a mass of random quests, and dozens of characters with different combos and skills. The combat system here is very interesting due to the fact that enemies can be outwitted using unexpected counterattacks and breaks.


Carrion gameplay

What to do in a situation where you are a victim, and there is no other way out than violence? All these questions will be answered by one of the most unusual platformers of 2020, where you take control of an amorphous creature trying to escape from an underground research complex. This creature kills people who did experiments, develops, and gains new abilities and incredible strength.

The Bottom Line

Why do we like indie games so much? They can’t boast of ultra-modern graphics, large-scale single-player campaigns, and multiplayer games with hundreds of thousands of gamers. The thing is that independent developers try to compensate for the lack of budget by the soul invested in their projects.

Additionally, they implement ideas aimed at a wide audience that major publishers would never dare to undertake. So it turns out that the indie games are cool, interesting, very emotional, sometimes funny, and provide unusual gameplay. If you tried any of the listed, share your experience in the comments section below!

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How to Apply your Photoshop Skills in After Effects?

One of the most powerful image editing applications, Adobe Photoshop lets you do a plethora of manipulation with your images. Though the latest versions of this software support video editing, for the advanced level of editing, another application – Adobe After Effects – is indispensable.

However, many hardcore Photoshop users believe that Adobe After Effects is not their cup of tea due to its complexities. But there are many similarities in the basic functionalities of both of them that let you utilize your Photoshop skills while operating After Effects.

Here’s How After Effects Won’t Waste Your ‘Photoshop Skill Set’

Hone Your Expertise of Playing with “Layers”: Layers is one of the common features that can be found in both Photoshop and After Effects. Though they work somewhat different in the later but the basics remains the same. When it comes to the layers of After Effects, they can be tweaked independently in terms of size, position, opacity with the drop down menu attached to every layer. But for the sake of familiarity, you can treat the timeline (which accumulates all the layers) of After Effects as your layers panel and operate in the same way as you would in Adobe Photoshop.

Show Your Skill Set with “Adjustment Layers”: Undoubtedly, if you work on Photoshop, an Adjustment Layer is nothing new to you. The working style of these layers is relatively formulaic. Once you add it to your image, you can then add any preset such as brightness, contrast, hue, saturation, filters, etc. You can even create a mask with the layer. On the other hand, in After Effects, the Adjustment Layers do the same thing but they are quite flexible. Once applied, you can add any effect, filter or mask over it. You can then play with its opacity, feather, shape, etc. with the help of options present in the drop down of the layer. All in all, you can utilize your familiarity with the Adjustment Layers in Photoshop and seamlessly use the same in After Effects.

Toy with The Effects and Filters: Photoshop offers various filters, effects and color correction options to manipulate your images. Similarly, After Effects provide a plethora of special effects, filters and masking techniques that you can use on your video footage. You can simply drag an effect and apply it on a layer on the timeline. You can further play with the properties of the effects to get the desired result. Though most part of ‘applying effects and filters’ is same, there is very small difference. In Photoshop, you apply an effect to the selection, but in After Effects, you have to use a mask to either hide or show the filter/effect.

Similar Technique to Take Out the ‘Mask’: Masking in After Effects works exactly same as it would do in Adobe Photoshop. You can use a Pen/Shape tool to draw a mask. In the Alpha channel, you can color the mask black for transparent and white for opaque (similar to the masking rules in Photoshop).

Masking with Rotoscoping: In After Effects, you can mask with Rotobrush tool as well. This is a tool that works similar to Photoshop’s quick selection tool. There are various other techniques to mask in After Effects and they are quite complex as compared to Photoshop, however, the basics are exactly the same.

Saving/Rendering: Unlike Photoshop where you need to “save” or “save as” an image after editing, you are required to “render” a sequence in After Effects. Rendering means the accumulation of all the objects, elements, filters, effects, footage, etc. in one single file. Having mentioned the difference, you’ll find familiarities on the rendering window if you have been creating and saving a GIF, movie, or a 3D file in Photoshop. This is so because these files require you to render them before they get saved on your computer.

Wrapping Up

It is indeed a proven fact that After Effects is a lot more sophisticated as compared to Adobe Photoshop. However, most of their features work on the same basic principles. So, if you have an inclination to become a pro in Adobe After Effects, all it takes is regular practice, dedicated time and, of course, a lot of patience.

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5 Major Differences Between Windows 10 and Linux

For years now, there has been an unresolved debate about which operating system is better to use - Windows or Linux. With every new iteration, both platforms get better and carry a few flaws as well. With Microsoft pushing out their Windows 10 version, how does it differ from Linux? Well, there are a number of small and big details that make both operating systems different, but we take a look at five of the most major ones here.

1. Performance On Older Hardware

We all know that older PC’s cannot cope with the latest software and in turn, make browsing, gaming, and other mundane operations mind numbingly slow. So, to test which platform performs better - Windows 10 or Linux - run it on a old hardware. There will be one clear winner here and that is Linux. Windows 10 requires, at the least, a 1-2 GB RAM, a 1GHz processor, 16-20 GB hard disk space, and a DirectX 9 graphics card. Even with these minimalist specs, running Windows 10 will be exceedingly difficult. On the other hand, Ubuntu needs only a 512 MB RAM, 700 MHz processor, 5 GB of storage space, and VGA with 1024x768 screen resolution. Clearly, Linux can be run on practically any PC and its performance does not deteriorate.

2. Getting Updates

This is a major problem point, not only for Windows 10, but all Windows users. Updating a Windows PC takes a long time - up to 2 hours long. But the length of the update isn't the biggest concern, it's how and when the update hits your machine. Many users have lost important work because there is no warning as to when the update runs - it just automatically shuts the PC down. Compare that to Linux and you'll be cursing the day you chose Windows 10. Thanks to the package managers from Linux, updating is fast and reliable. How fast? In the time it takes for a Windows PC to reboot, plus a minute or so, you can carry out a apt-get dist-upgrade. And the best part is that the machine won't just restart itself as and when it chooses - you get to choose when the update runs.

3. Security Concerns

Nothing connected to the internet is completely secure and that is a known fact. Windows, however, seems to suffer a lot more than others in this department. Their users have always had to rely on third party softwares such as antivirus and anti-malware programs to help reduce the threat. With Windows 10, there have been a few advances in terms of security, but it isn't enough. Linux also has its problems with security, but not even close to what Windows 10 has. One of the biggest reasons for this is its popularity and use around the world. Because Linux has fewer users, it is a lot safer than Windows. Another reason behind its better security is the fact that the Linux security design is far tougher to hack into, unlike Windows.

4. Importance Of Privacy

For a long time now, Windows 10 has been in the spotlight for its lack of privacy features. Even the EFF or Electronic Frontier Foundation claims that Windows 10 doesn't have regard for its users privacy. The platforms methods for data collection are extremely problematic. In order to bring it under control, the company launched a privacy dashboard that is web-based and gives users control of data collection. Unlike Windows 10, Linux ensures all it's users that their privacy is of utmost importance. While there was some issues with Ubuntu Unity and its online privacy feature, the company has gone on to disable the search feature on Unity’s online privacy. Now, Linux doesn't collect its user's data which makes using it a lot more secure.

5. Open vs. Closed

In comparison, both Windows 10 and Linux are great at getting a job done, but is that truly enough? With open source systems ruling the day, Microsoft seems to be lagging behind and even though they do support open source with Azure, they don't benefit from the system. There is even an Open Source site created by Microsoft that is used for OpenDev on Azure, but yet again, there are no benefits - it is all proprietary when it comes to Microsoft. Linux, however, is open for all to view, use, and develop. It embraces open source and encourages users to help make their platforms a lot better.

As you can see, Windows 10 and Linux are vastly different and choosing either depends entirely on preference. While it may seem that Linux is clearly a better option, many users still trust in Microsoft. In the end, it is the user that decides which system he is most comfortable working on. What is your choice?

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Upskill Releases New Software For Augmented Reality

Augmented reality has just been taken to the next level with the help of Upskill’s latest software called Skylight. According to the company, funded by General Electric Co. and Boeing Co., the software can be used through smart glasses and will display warehouse information and help maintenance workers complete their job faster.

Based in Vienna, Virginia, Upskill has been on the forefront of AR or Augmented Reality software for a long time now and has developed an easier user interface for their software to enable it to be used more widely.

How Can Skylight Be Helpful?

The possibilities are endless with this software, even though it is relatively new. It will allow workers to easily locate inventory, find exactly what they are looking for without having to search through every box. They can check picking instructions without having to use their hands to read manuals, so their hands are free for carrying materials. For maintenance workers, the software will display the layout of the warehouse to easily find the area that needs attention. It is even useful for companies that are training new employees around the peak demand period to reduce the timeframe significantly.

Who Is Using Skylight?

Since it is a new concept, very few companies have any vested interest in Skylight, but it is set to take off soon, given its potential. Both companies, Boeing and General Electric, have already implemented the software and smart glasses into their companies. This will be an opening for other companies to follow suit.

In terms of funding, Upskill has also been reached out to by New Enterprise Associates or NEA. They are a massive venture capital establishment that has already made big-time investments in technology startups that work in supply chains. Some of these include Aera Technology and Transfix which they invested $50 million and $42 million respectively.

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