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CCleaner review

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Saulo Velez

CCleaner review

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Infected computers can be the reason for sluggish performance which, in turn, will pose a negative impact on your computer’s efficiency. CCleaner is a utility tool that cleans your computer by removing junk files and fixing significant errors so that your system can perform seamlessly. 

Design 9/10

The designing factor is a considerable aspect that simplifies the interaction between the tool and the user. CCleaner does a commendable job in this segment. The interface looks minimalistic, yet all the functions have been incorporated with ease. 

A user can easily access all the functions. There will be no issues with getting familiar with the app. On the left-hand side, four tabs are placed – Cleaner, Registry, Tools, and Options. Each of them has a particular role to play. 

Key Functions 9.5/10

During regular usage, junk files accumulate in the computer. If you don’t cater to the problem at regular periods, the performance will be depreciated. CCleaner performs an in-depth cleaning to weed out all the junk files such as unused files and settings and thereby, optimizing the performance significantly. 

Enabled cookies can assist websites in tracking down your information and hence, your privacy gets compromised. CCleaner comes to your rescue in this case. It deletes all saved information and browser history so that confidential information cannot be tracked. 

Unregistered applications, broken settings, and missing files can ruin the user experience. To avoid these, CCleaner analyzes all these factors and corrects all issues so that your computer performance is stable. 

The background processes can result in sluggish performance. These processes consume volatile memory and thus, affecting other programs. CCleaner analyzes all these processes and closes unnecessary ones so that crucial programs work smoothly. It intimates about updates, if any, and perform automatic updates. The real-time monitoring displays the latest information. 

Usability 9.5/10

Anti-viruses can deal with malware and malicious activities, but this is not enough to tackle all the negative factors that influence a computer’s performance. For efficient functioning, you should definitely install the CCleaner application. On the app interface, you can select particular files that should be handled. You can choose both from the Windows-specific features and other applications. 

In addition to removing junk files and cleaning disk space, CCleaner can be used to clean hard drive and removable drives extensively. 

Cross-platform use 9.5/10

CCleaner application is a lightweight tool that performs efficiently on various Windows OS variants. These include Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10. Not only this, 32-bit and 64-bit processors are also kept in consideration. 


Your search for an efficient yet minimalistic cleaning applications ends with CCleaner. The app is a must-have for all the people who work on computers. As we are not accustomed to the technicalities associated with computer functioning, we are not able to deal with the lagging issues.

When you use CCleaner, you will be amazed at the performance of your computer system. The residue files can be a burden on the system memory. CCleaner handles these issues to rejuvenate the computer operations. Moreover, the app is beneficial in keeping your private information confidential as it deletes browser cookies and history. 

Install CCleaner application to eradicate all the negative aspects that slow down your computer. The app optimizes your computer for seamless functioning. 


  • Extensive features available in paid version


  • Occupies negligible space Free version available with limited functionalities Optimizes efficiently

Design 9

Key Functions 9.5

Usability 9.5

Cross-platform use 9.5

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