Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review

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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive review

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CS: GO is one of the most famous tactical MMO’s, with a cult built around it long ago. Developed by one of the biggest players in the industry, Valve, it gets updated constantly, so its 2019 appearance and gameplay, though sharing the same core, can hardly be compared to its start. Now CS: GO is a recognized cybersport discipline, with frequent tournaments and huge prizes, so it’s another reason for a closer look.

Graphics 10/10

It’s considered one of the most spectacular games of its sort. In elaborate realistic 3D locations, you fight alongside with your allies against another group, enemies easy to tell by hints. Weapons and outfits, armor and explosives look like they’re really filmed on some polygon. First person perspective contributes to the overall immersion that’s very high. And thanks for realistic red blood and convincing physics.

Sounds are greatly made too. If you have a 5.1 sound system, you’ll really feel like in the middle of the battle, shots, hits or steps heard from where they take place. There is a voice chat within the fame, and the quality of the voice is generally good (though it depends on players’ mics).

Gameplay 10/10

The core of the gameplay is familiar by numerous games of this genre. You join a team of special forces (or terrorists, there’s no moral difference in pure action), and fight alongside with other players. If some team outnumbers another at the start, bots are added. Your mission depends on the mode you choose: you may need to extinguish all the opponents, or dismantle the bomb, or explode it, or anything.

You can respawn after getting killed, but it takes precious seconds. Instead you may just watch the match going on through the eye of your teammate. Tracking someone better than you can help you learn.

If “Terrorists win” again, it may mean you need better equipment and weapons. In fact, CS series can be called a “gun porn”. The game has lots of rifles, shotguns, knives, grenades, and other tools of destruction.

Controls 10/10

The developers had many years and tons of feedback to perfect the controls, and so they did. A whole lot of actions can be made with both gamepad and keyboard-and-mouse sets. While the basic actions (like walking, running, shooting, moving the camera) are done with standard joysticks, buttons, or WASD and mouse, there are advanced controls the experienced players had enough time to master. If you only start now, it will take more than one day to learn, probably more than one week to get used, and all of your playtime to perfect it. But when you do, you feel your virtual body like your actual one.

Replay Value 10/10

CS: GO has been around since 2012, and it’s still wildly popular. As for 2019, it’s gone free to play, except for some paid items you can use to raise your chances. This means thousands of new players attracted by its accessibility, so you’ll never have to wait to join a team.

The game has numerous modes, lots of maps, and randomness of any sports. And you never know who’s with you and who’s against you this time. This makes the game fun as long as you master it (and it can last forever).


Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is still an epic MMO, and it’s never too late to join it. It’s a sort of sport now, and sports are always hungry for new blood. Do you like tactics, weapons and action? Even if you don’t become a star player or streamer, you won’t be disappointed. CS wins!

Graphics 10

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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