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EmailChecker5 review

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Saulo Velez

EmailChecker5 review

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EmailChecker5 is a highly functional, convenient and efficient software program that can be utilized to access your email including incoming messages received from 5 different email accounts, directly onto your computer screen as soon as they arrive, while saving you the time on manually checking each account. 

Design 8/10

The EmailChecker5 software program comes equipped with 5 different tabs to represent 5 different email accounts. Whether you would like to utilize all 5 tabs and set up 5 accounts is your choice. The program comes with clear-cut settings that can be accessed from a menu with a list of options including date format, alert options, display options, whether or not to show your email message as a pop-up, and more.

Key Functions 9/10

The main function of the EmailChecker5 application is to keep regular and updated check on all your incoming emails and messages from all the accounts that have been linked to the program. With the option of adding up to 5 email accounts, you can keep a close check on each one, ensuring you do not miss out on any important messages, as the program immediately sends you alerts. By simply filling in all the necessary credentials and data about your email accounts such as ID, password, POP3 server and whether it utilizes SSL, you can instantly add your account to the application. Along with it, you also get access to the general menu which contains some more important settings and functions that can be utilized for better control of the program. These include specification of the date, whether you would like to launch the client window when any new email or message arrives, whether you would like to display new posts, alert via sounds, redirect spam messages and much more. 

Usability 9/10

With little time to set up, the EmailChecker5 requires Java Runtime Environment for proper functioning. If you do not have it installed on your PC, you can do the same via the installer that comes with the software application. The program is easy to understand and comes with a straightforward user interface with clear and precise tabs and inputs. The program is accessible via the system tray on your PC. What makes it even better is you can place a notification window on your desktop screen with a view of your inbox and a log of recent activities. 

Cross-platform use 9/10

The EmailChecker5 software application is free to download and can be run on all Windows operating systems, ensuring they have Java Runtime Environment installed. The program, however, needs to be purchased if all its features are required. 


To sum it all up, the EmailChecker5 is a useful tool for those who would like to access all their emails on one program. With most of us missing out on important emails and messages that are received on different accounts, this neat and efficient software program will help in keeping track of all important messages, even when our inbox is busy. Setting up your accounts is a breeze and does not require too much data input. Easily manage your alerts and take full control of the application settings to help make it functioning better and suitable for your needs.

The EmailChecker5 software application is a great way to stay updated and keep a close track of all incoming messages, on all your email accounts.


  • Full version is not free
  • Connectivity issues.


  • Easy to use interface
  • Configure 5 email accounts
  • Saves time.

Design 8

Key Functions 9

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 9

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