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Garry's Mod review

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Garry's Mod review

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Garry’s Mod is one of the most famous sandboxes created as a modification of the popular Source engine by Valve. Now this independent project by Garry Newman (not the famous musician) has a solid reputation of its own.

Graphics 8/10

If you remember classical titles like Half-Life 2 or Team Fortress 2, you already know how Garry’s Mod looks. It was created as an addon for games based on Source, to give the player direct access to scenes, locations, characters, and situations.

Well, from 2019 it looks so very 2004 (the year Garry’s Mod was first unofficially released), but this toolbox lets players create beautiful designs and locations, with characters well fitting in. Anyway, there are games with even more obsolete looks, like FNAF or Roblox projects, that became cults in their own sense.

Gameplay 10/10

While the original Garry’s Mod was but a sandbox, now it’s the home for various self-sufficient games. Some of them are analogues of detective quests, hide-and-seek, Mafia game, life simulators, and, of course, variations of Battle Royale. They all share the same physics and similar controls.

Each game within GM universe has its pros, but the original is attractive for its sandbox simplicity; it’s Half-Life pretending to be Minecraft, though looking much more modern. You can create literally anything too; or, if today isn’t your creative day, just play what others have made. Access to its huge archive is great. You’ll need to search it a bit, but you’ll probably find something to appreciate.

And, like most successful sandboxes, Garry’s Mod has its large fan base on Steam and outside it. Users upload scenes and scenarios, create funny videos, share their experience in special communities.

It would make sense to buy some other Source-based game by Valve along with Garry’s Mod; it works as a standalone application, but the connection to some servers or interacting with other players require full Source engine, and that takes another game by Valve.

Controls 9/10

There are three main tools in Creative mode: Physics Gun, Tool Gun, and Camera. With Physics Gun you can add various items, move or rotate them, or freeze them in the air. Tool Gun lets you connect items, adjust connections, shrinking or expanding items and surfaces, and other fine work. Finally, Camera enables you to make screenshots or record the processes going on.

If you play mini games by other developers, there may be other control elements, introduced by the makers. They are usually easy to make out. If you think of making your own games in Garry’s Mod, you better learn what they have.

Replay Value 10/10

Garry’s Mode addresses to the player’s creativity, and so it’s virtually inexhaustible. Even the sky isn’t the limit, as you can pass through it. Build scenes, position your heroes, create various combinations of objects and see how they behave in this world with its physics.


If you prefer building to crushing, and creating your own rules to obeying the existing ones, you will enjoy Garry’s Mod more than any other game based on Source. After this, anything else will lack this unlimited freedom.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 10

Controls 9

Replay Value 10

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