Grand Theft Auto V

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Grand Theft Auto V review

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Grand Theft Auto V review

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GTA series is for the gaming industry about what Fast and Furious is for cinema. It’s a long top tier criminal saga in an open world, with fantastic adventures taking place in fictionalized American cities. No one is definitely good here, so it’s your chance to be the low hero of high life.

Graphics 10/10

As for 2014, it was terrific. Large open world of San Andreas and nearby cities is made in slightest details, with its seashores and city streets, garages and beaches, villas and skyscrapers, night clubs and, of course, cars, yachts, submarines and helicopters. Not pretending to be too realistic, GTA looks rather like a graphic novel, highlighting that the entire criminal story is a piece of romanticized fiction.

Here we should also praise great voicing, even surpassing some good movies, and the in-game radio playing rich urban playlists, stuffed with hits, from rock and country to soul and hip hop.

Gameplay 10/10

It’s a role playing game, following stories of three partners in crime, from a robbery that takes place ten years before, to the main storyline unfolding in 2014. Each of them is unique. Michael De Santa appears to be successful under witness protection and no more robbing banks, yet he’s fed up with family life. Trevor Philips runs drugs and guns, and he’s an alcoholic psycho. Franklin Clinton, a semi-legal car repossession agent, seems to have given up his criminal ambitions. They are all to go through a dizzying story of how it all went mad. Don’t select: you’re about to wear all three’s shoes.

The storyline leads you with quests, so you need to hijack cars, rob banks, confront bikers and Latin gangs, and, finally, rob the Union Depository’s gold reserve. But along with all that you can just wander through Los Santos city and the entire San Andreas state, doing side quests and upgrading your character. And each DLC pack brings new missions. So, ride a stolen car directly to the next showdown, turn your speakers up loud, load your guns, and let them picture you rolling.

Controls 10/10

The game was first released on consoles, and only then made it to PC. So no wonder that it’s optimized for DUALSHOCK’s perfectly. Yet it’s anything but intuitive. There are two principally different layouts, depending on whether you’re on foot or behind the wheel. While joystick and touchpad gestures have constant meanings, buttons depend on situations heavily, so each button can do up to four different actions. Still, GTA V is not a one evening game, with its open world and tons of DLC, so take your time as you’re in.

Replay Value 9/10

Rockstar Games is known for long support of its products, especially big ones. There were new missions, new locations, and new characters downloadable since the original release, so the game grows bigger, and so does its world. Now there seems no more development, because (as the rumor has it) the studio concentrates on GTA VI and DLC for Red Read Redemption II. But what’s already been released is much.

The only thing that the PS4 version lacks is support of numerous unofficial mods, flourishing in the PC fan community.


Though today GTA V is no more Rockstar’s title of the day, it’s still playable and enjoyable, unless you’re already too blasé with it. If you have missed it somehow, maybe it’s worth some of your time, as a cultural phenomenon and still an impressive game.

Graphics 10

Gameplay 10

Controls 10

Replay Value 9

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