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Hello Neighbor
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Hello Neighbor review

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Saulo Velez

Hello Neighbor review

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Hello Neighbor may not be the total revelation among stealth horrors games, but it quickly earns its popularity among players. Made by Russian studio Dynamic Pixels, the game touches lots of problematic themes like depression and child abuse. Progress in the game reveals the hidden secrets of the house and its dwellers.

Graphics 8/10

There are not many fans of Hello Neighbor graphics. Some players compare it with Pixar movies, other players complain about its low quality with lack of details. There are also a number of players and critics who believe that graphics are the best thing that this game has.

The one thing that all sides agree on is the outstanding trailer and the outside sceneries. It looks like idyllic suburbia. The sun is shining brightly, the birds are singing, and a kid is playing with the ball near the neighbor’s house.  The graphics inside the house are less detailed and more primitive.

Gameplay 10/10

The gameplay is the main attraction of Hello Neighbor. Despite the numerous complains about graphics or controls, the majority of players highly marked the gameplay. We believe that Hello Neighbor has a well-developed plot and one of its kind gameplay.

Hello Neighbor does not actually have lots of scary moments, except rising tension when you are getting closer to the basement door or AI-based neighbor is after you. In this case, the sounds are playing louder, and you can hear your heart beating. But, the game is actually less scary than Granny or any other similar horror from a first-person.

There are three acts in the plot. Only the first one is free and is believed to be a demo. In this part you are breaking into the house of the neighbor, searching for the answers. You have suspicions about him, and you believe that there is something bad happens in his basement. The first act ends with the neighbor catching you and trapping there. Now you have to get away from him and find out all the answers.

Controls 8/10

Controls are criticized by all the mobile game owners. The game is glitchy and buggy. Sometimes it makes you freeze right in the middle of a very intense scene. You stay frozen until the neighbor catches you. Originally Hello Neighbor was made for PC, and it looks like developers have not given the lots of thought to mobile controls. There is no tutorial as well, and you have to learn while you are playing. However, you can easily die and have to go back again and again to the same action.

Replay Value 9/10

Hello Neighbor is basically hard to get through the game. You need to spend a lot of time, mastering your skills in this game. Unlikely you will be able to solve all the puzzles, get the key, and outsmart the neighbor during your first attempt. It takes days to make progress. And some puzzles are not really logical, so you have to act blindly there. However, the gameplay is linear, so once you won, you know the whole story.


Hello Neighbor is a nice and family-friendly first-person horror. This means that the game is not that scary after all, and you can play it from 10 years old and up. The main attraction of Hello Neighbor is its gameplay. You will spend lots of time navigation through its twists, solving puzzles and running from the neighbor.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 10

Controls 8

Replay Value 9

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