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Microsoft Office review

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Saulo Velez

Microsoft Office review

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Microsoft Office 2016 needs no introduction. It is a complete set of tools for accomplishing all jobs pertaining to professional purposes, educational purposes, and so on. With advanced and intuitive features, Microsoft Office 2016 aims at providing an overall solution for all the needs. 

Design 10/10

Microsoft always does a commendable job with respect to designing, and this is applicable for Microsoft Office 2016 as well. The design has been kept simple yet sophisticated. The elegance is clearly visible while you are working with the applications. 

Certain changes have been applied on the drop-down menus and on the visible screen. These changes reflect a more refined design than the previous one. The minimal use of shades makes the interface appealing to the eyes. 

Key Functions 10/10

Most of the existing users are aware of the functions of Microsoft Office 2016. For these people, the tools have been kept the same as in the previous one. For new users, they must know about several tools such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, Access, InfoPath, OneNote Project, Visio, and SharePoint Designer. Each of the tools is designated with a particular task. 

Word is used for drafting the documents in the prescribed format. You can utilize various editing tools to create a suitable document. Excel assists in creating spreadsheets. This is an ideal app for the accountants and other people responsible for managing information in a structured manner. 

Outlook is the perfect application for managing your email accounts at a single place. PowerPoint comes handy when you have to create professional presentations utilizing rich graphics and alluring fonts. SharePoint Designer and Visio serve the purpose for developers while OneNote Project is excellent for project management. The key function of Microsoft Office 2016 is to accomplish all professional jobs with perfection. 

Usability 10/10

Microsoft Office 2016 is undoubtedly one of the most popular utility suites that offer a complete solution for all type of jobs. Whether it's document creation, making presentations, maintaining spreadsheets, email management, or designing; Microsoft Office 2016 deserves a consideration. 

A wide range of applications offered by Microsoft Office 2016 makes it ideal for people from diverse fields. Students, artists, professionals, and businesspersons will find it equally beneficial. Hence, Microsoft Office 2016 finds utility in every field. 

Cross-platform use 10/10

Microsoft Office 2016 is compatible with Windows operating systems, both 32-bit and 64-bit. The compatible OSs are Windows 7/8/2008 R2/Server 2012/10. Since Office Suite and Windows OS are developed by Microsoft, you can expect seamless functioning. 


If you are seeking a complete solution for creating content for academic, professional, or business purposes, Microsoft Office 2016 seems to be an inevitable choice. It offers a complete package that can be used for all type of content. The applications may appear confusing at the initial phase, but with regular usage, you will feel comfortable working on it. 

Microsoft Office 2016 is available on a trial version for 60 days. After this, you can purchase one of the premium versions offered by the developer. The dedicated and robust support network from the developers is beneficial in solving all type of queries and errors. 

Microsoft Office 2016 is a set of tools that are used extensively for various purposes. To accomplish tasks with perfection and within the stipulated time, we recommend Microsoft Office 2016. 


  • You need to purchase paid version after trial version expires
  • May appear complex in the initial stage.


  • You need to purchase paid version after trial version expires
  • May appear complex in the initial stage.

Design 10

Key Functions 10

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 10

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