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Microsoft Outlook review

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Microsoft Outlook review

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One of the most powerful email clients, Microsoft Outlook, lets you send and receive emails without having to log in separately to any other email service provider. It is integrated into the Windows operating system, and it lets you sync emails from your existing email id.

Design 8.5/10

With the passage of time and several updates from Microsoft, Microsoft Outlook now boasts of an elegant and well-organized design. All its essential features are placed on the top of the window on the ribbon. Down in the main window, the left-most column displays all the virtual folders, middle section lists down all the new and old emails while the right-most section shows the email in detail.

Key Functions 9/10

Microsoft Outlook has all the essential features and functionalities that make the task of sending and receiving emails a breeze. The categorization feature lets you bifurcate your emails under different customized categories and keep the things organized. The software allows you to create a new email, delete one, reply/reply all and forward emails in just one click.

With this amazing email client in your system, you can create a folder and move all your important emails to it. You can also transfer your emails to Microsoft OneNote to be read afterwards or log it along with other documents and notes. The powerful search function that has been integrated into Microsoft Outlook helps in finding a specific email either by the subject title, name of the sender, or date.

There are a plenty of other functions that elevate the email receiving and sending experience by several notches. For instance, read/unread functions, follow up, address book, filter emails, etc.

Usability 9.5/10

Though Microsoft Outlook has been positioned as a professional email client, many use it for their personal use as well. Many utilize this application for they believe it eliminates the hassle of logging in with an email account and password again and again. It starts with the system and syncs the email automatically.

This email client is also used due to its various amazing user experience. The notification feature of Outlook, for instance, ensures that you never miss any email. It is also used for it lets you copy an email, take its printout, mark it as junk, ignore and undertake various other essential actions.

Cross Platform Use 8/10

Microsoft Outlook is compatible with computer systems powered by Windows 7, Windows 7 64 bit, Windows 8, Windows 8 64 bit, Windows 2008 R2, Windows Server 2012, Windows 10, and Windows 10 64 bit.


If you are looking for email client that can set up fast and lets you undertake all the necessary actions, Microsoft Outlook is the one that you need. Its interface is elegant and clutter free, thus, you can find any feature or function within a fraction of a second. You can send an email to an individual and even to a group. Get to block the spammers and ensure security for your email accounts. With follow up and notification features, never miss an email or forget to send one. All in all, Microsoft Outlook is a powerful utility that allows you to stay connected with your personal and professional acquaintances.

Get Microsoft Outlook in your system and find all your personal, as well as, professional emails and messages at one place.


  • Lack of Important and Useful Email Message Templates.


  • Supports POP, IMAP, Exchange, MSN Accounts
  • Solid Spam Filtering Functionality
  • Virtual Folders to Organize Emails
  • To-Do List and Scheduling Features.

Design 8.5

Key Functions 9

Usability 9.5

Cross-platform use 8

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