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Microsoft Word review

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Saulo Velez

Microsoft Word review

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If you’ve ever used a PC, you’ve almost definitely heard of Microsoft Word. It was first developed in the early 1980s, and is still one of the most popular text editing apps available today.

MS Word is a word processing platform which gives users the ability to type and edit text in a graphic environment that resembles a piece of paper onscreen. 

Easily create, edit and share professional documents for use at home and in the office. Using Microsoft’s classic ribbon interface format, Word has regularly updated its range of tools for highly customisable features that are easy to find and use.

Design 10/10

Microsoft Word is renowned for its design. Many of us may imagine a text editing document solely as Word’s version of it. It is hard to imagine a different design from the one we are used to, as Word has stayed relatively close in design to its predecessors. The layout which mimics a physical piece of paper makes this app a fantastic example of combining familiar design with innovative technology, for sophisticated but recognisable user experience.

Key Functions 10/10

Some of the numerous features offered by the app include inserting bullets and numbering, inserting a caption, citations and bibliographies, ideal for academic writing and other literary documents.

Microsoft Word makes it easy to insert graphics into your document alongside the text. Choose from tables, graphs, images, and other graphics to create sophisticated feature-rich documents. Word is also renowned for its sophisticated spell and grammar check to ensure a professional finish to all your written work.

The app is also an impressive text editing app when it comes to creating lists. The bullet points and numbering features are among the most usable and easily customisable available.

You can also find and replace specific words or phrases within your document with ease, to make mass editing jobs a seamless, stress-free experience.

Microsoft Word enables you to create a range of different documents - from calendars to newsletters, invitations to stationery. There are also a number of additional templates regularly updated which can be downloaded easily into your app from the Microsoft online store. Whether you require a basic text editor or more sophisticated features of a word processor, the beauty of Word is partly that it aims to cater to users of all ages and requirements. 

Usability 10/10

Word is an incredibly user-friendly app; in part, because it has paved the way for pretty much every popular text editing program since its inception.

The familiar graphic environment resembling pages of physical paper helps to make Word one of the most usable apps of its kind. 

Word is also well known for its impressive (and ever-expanding) range of features, which are accessible through the toolbar on a one-click basis, so you can find the tools you need quickly for a fully customised document.

Cross-Platform Use 10/10

Word is being increasingly tweaked to perform better across different platforms. You can use the app on both Mac and Windows platforms, and across pc, laptop, tablet and phone, so you can access your documents wherever you go.


Microsoft Word has evolved and changed over the decades, but still retains the familiar professional edge, arguably surpassing all other text editing applications available on Windows.

If they aren’t already familiar with it, anyone between the ages of eight and eighty can learn how to use this fantastically user friendly-app, which after almost thirty years of development is still going strong.

There are many reasons why Microsoft is arguably the best text editor app available. It suits both professional, and home office needs and its huge range of functions means you can refine your documents as much as you want. 


  • Some compatibility issues when trying to open older Word files with newer software
  • Increase of features can be confusing - might have to hunt to find tools you need.


  • Feature-rich for highly customisable documents
  • Professional results for all office-related tasks
  • Familiar and compatible across worldwide operating systems.

Design 10

Key Functions 10

Usability 10

Cross-platform use 10

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