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Minecraft review

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Minecraft review

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You might already know about Minecraft unless you live on some other planet. It looks much different than modern gaming, but it’s everywhere- on smartphones, tablets, consoles, and PC.  Millions of gamers play this game to create their amazing worlds. In a time when different genres of video games are frequently released, Minecraft still has a lasting impression. This is a paid mobile version (iPhone or Android) of the original game released by Mojang.

Graphics 8/10

This game stands not simply because it helps players unleash their creativity, but also because of its distinctive graphics. The visuals look a bit silly and outdated if compared with the current generation of video games. Still, they are charming and engaging. Players spend countless hours retrieving blocks, gathering materials, and using the user-friendly tools to complete their masterpiece. The visuals give this game a unique, memorable identity. There is no shortage of nostalgia to bask in. Honestly, it is a graphically unimpressive looking game, but it is more than just graphics- it is an educational, engaging and creative game. The combination perfectly works along with the iconic graphics, making it an undisputed indie success story.

Gameplay 10/10

Minecraft offers several modes of play with no specific goals to achieve. There is an achievement system such as taking inventory, benchmarking, and monster hunter, etc., to guide new players into the game by giving them different trials to complete. By default, the gameplay is in the first-person perspective, but there is an option for third-person perspective too. Players start with nothing but fists and an enormous, unexplored world composed of 3D objects called blocks. These blocks can be different materials- water, lava, tree trunks, dirt, stones, and ore. Players need to pick up and place these blocks. The game allows you to move freely, mine a block, and put them in another place.

Among the different playing modes, Survival and Creative are the main ones. Players will face zombies in the survival mode, and they need to obtain the necessary materials to get food, build shelter, and attack predators. The Creative mode offers unlimited resources, and players need to use their creative skills to build houses, cities, or anything.

Controls 8/10

The game’s controls are pretty straightforward, you need a little bit of time to get familiar with these. The screen has several game controls:

  • Chat and Pause buttons on the upper side of the screen;
  • Directions (Up, Left, Down, Right and Center) buttons on the lower right side;
  • Jump button on the lower left side;
  • Triple dot button at the bottom of the screen.

Few easy controls are:

  • To move, press and hold any arrow icon on the left side of your smartphone’s screen;
  • Tap and drag anywhere to move focus;
  • Press and hold on objects to interact with them;
  • There is an icon in the lower side of the screen, tap it to jump;
  • Double-tap the center button on the right-side to sneak/crouch;
  • Use up and down arrows to walk forward and backward. 

Replay Value 10/10

Minecraft is a big hit with the most replay value, you can play it again and again and feel like you did something new every time. The game offers a large universe with plenty of ways to interact with it, you can create anything from monolithic architectures to cavernous roller coasters. After the game has been released for Android and iOS devices, the developers have kept the Minecraft’s cube-filled world full of excitement and fun with amazing features and meaningful updates.


Minecraft is not about simply building stuff, it’s an international phenomenon and considers as this generation’s Super Mario and virtual Lego. The game gives you infinite opportunities to literally build anything: house, football stadium, farm, city, a replica of Disney World. It is an open world platform with just one problem- it is virtually endless. It offers countless possibilities with endless creativity, which leads to endless screen time. Players will have a hard time pulling themselves away from this game.

Graphics 8

Gameplay 8

Controls 10

Replay Value 10

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