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MP3 Converter review

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Saulo Velez

MP3 Converter review

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Want to convert your audio files for playback, or edit clips to open in a range of programmes and across different devices? MP3 Converter from Android helps you convert existing audio files into different formats to suit your editing or playback needs.

Design 7.5/10

The app is designed to make converting your audio files easy and quick and features a clean and simple interface to improve usability and get the job done.

MP3 Converter supports numerous audio output formats. Simply choose the desired output type and start the conversion process. The app supports a large range of the most popular audio output formats - whether you need aif, avi, flv, mkv, mov, mp3, mp4, ogg, snd or wma - it’s quick and easy to organise and convert your desired audio files.

Key Functions 8/10

The customisation available within this app is impressive considering its simplicity. MP3 Converter enables you to customise your output file for further editing in other programmes or playback on separate devices. Choose specific sections of the audio file to convert and easily change volume and balance settings to get the exact media experience you desire.

MP3 Converter does more than simply convert existing standalone audio files. If you want to isolate an audio track from its video source, look no further: the app also allows you to extract audio from a video file and convert to avi audio, mp3, mpeg audio, and wav formats.

Usability 8/10

The simple, clear design of MP3 Converter means it is easy to use and intuitive. The designers of MP3 Converter have ensured a clean, basic design which lends itself well to the task of grabbing, organising and converting audio files in a clear, manageable way.

The no-frills design makes the app all the more user-friendly and accessible, so you can focus on getting the job done and enjoying your new converted audio files.

Cross-Platform Use 7/10

This app runs efficiently on all versions of Windows from XP and Vista to the most recent Windows 10 and Windows 10 64 Bit. 


Overall, MP3 Converter is a decent and reliable option if you’re looking to extract and convert audio files from the internet into a number of desirable formats. There a is a good range of formats to suit the needs of different users’ requirements for playback through the most popular programmes and devices, and the clean design lends well to the process of singular and batch conversions.

The ability to customise your output means that the user can enjoy as much or as little control over the final product as they want, and the unobtrusive nature of the app means that it doesn’t interfere with other processes on the device.

MP3 Converter offers a good and reliable service for simple audio conversion jobs, and with the added feature of specific extraction and resolution of snippets of audio files, this is a decent choice of app for users interested in basic audio manipulation.


  • Simplistic design has its limits
  • Large files can take a long time to convert
  • Unregistered version has considerable limitations
  • Some audio quality may be lost when extracting from a video file.


  • Clean basic interface design for ease of use
  • Supports a wide rage of media file output formats
  • Unobtrusive.

Design 7.5

Key Functions 8

Usability 8

Cross-platform use 7

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