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Windows 10 review

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Saulo Velez

Windows 10 review

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Windows 10 is an attempt of Microsoft to develop the impeccable and robust operating system. Talking about the functionality, the previous functions are the same. Microsoft has worked diligently on the aesthetics aspect and made some significant changes to enhance user experience. 

Design 9.5/10

The elegant design of the Windows 10 OS looks mesmerizing. The user will be hooked on forever aa first gaze. The most prominent feature is the revamped Start button that displays all the functions in a well-organized manner. The users can further customize the options available in the Start menu. 

You can shuffle between multiple screens during usage. This feature excludes all the clutter on the interface as users can work on a single application at a particular moment. 

Key Functions 9.5/10

The key function of Windows OS is to provide a platform to perform all the necessary functions on a personal computer. The key functions have been retained by the developers. Some tweaks have been addresses which include inserting the Start button that was missing in Windows 8. 

Another feature is Windows Photo Viewer in which you can view and perform crucial editing as well. Apart from this, the number of Windows apps has been extended. Talking about the Start menu, you can access it from the bottom-left corner. Left click prompts the Start menu that can be customized by the users. 

Windows 10 OS remains one of the most widely used platforms across the world. A major improvement in managing all the applications without smudging the screen is a welcoming feature. While you work on a particular application, all other applications will be operational in the background. Apart from this, you can also work on multiple applications on the screen. 

Usability 9.5/10

The usability factor has been improvised by the developers. In addition to accomplishing basic functions like operating MS Office, playing audio and video files, extensive editing work, developing, effortless browsing; there are certain functions that will surely fascinate you. 

Utilize the power of speech recognition feature using Cortana. Instead of relying on typing the queries, perform quick operations by voicing your tasks. The integration of fingerprint instead of password recognition is a considerable achievement. 

Cross-platform use 9/10

Windows 10 OS is compatible with computer systems that are ideal Windows OS. The users who have Windows 8 or Windows 8.1 on their computer, they can update to Windows 10 by downloading certain files. However, the files vary for Windows 8 and 8.1. 


Microsoft has revolutionized the functioning of Windows 10 to unprecedented levels. The user’s concerns have been addressed successfully. Moreover, they have incorporated functions that were the need of the hour. For example, Windows 10 can be configured with your Android or iOS phone for seamless functioning. The apps can be synced together so that you can perform functions without juggling between devices. 

Microsoft has integrated a new browser, Microsoft Edge, which is indigenous to Windows 10 OS. However, you can also use other browsers such as Chrome or Firefox. Streaming Xbox One games is a delight for the gamers. To sum up, you should upgrade to Windows 10 as soon as possible. 

If you have a Windows-based computer, install Windows 10 OS to unleash fully-fledged OS equipped with essential applications and functionalities. 


  • Upgrading can be a complicated task
  • Certain apps are not free but paid.


  • Intuitive and elegant interface
  • Robust framework and exceptional customer support
  • Easily available.

Design 9.5

Key Functions 9.5

Usability 9.5

Cross-platform use 9

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