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Windows 8 review

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Saulo Velez

Windows 8 review

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Windows 8 is an innovative app developed as a reimagining of pre-existing versions of Windows. To date, it is widely regarded as one of the most revolutionary versions of Windows. It was developed to bring a responsive cross-device experience to Windows users. 

Design 8/10

The main difference between Windows 8 design and that of previous Windows platforms is that it supports touchscreen capabilities in the devices it is viewed on. This means you can swipe left and right to navigate separately the Apps and Charms, and scroll using your finger rather than a mouse. This increases usability for touchscreen devices and Windows-specific phones and tablets.

Windows 8 also marks a design change in terms of how Windows Apps are displayed. They are now featured on live tiles, so even when the app isn’t open, it displays information and live changes relating to the app (e.g., a news app will show you the latest headlines without you having to directly access it).

Another marked difference from previous versions of Windows is the replacement of the Start Menu with the Start Screen, whereby installed files are accessed not through a list but through their corresponding tile.

Key Functions 9/10

Using innovative UEFI (Unified Extensible Firmware Interface)  technology, Windows 8 boots your PC significantly faster than previous versions. You can also use the search bar to locate specific files anywhere on your computer, compared to the more clunky versions of Windows which required you to add your own filters before searching. This means that navigating around your computer becomes quicker and easier.

The unique style of Windows 8 makes it a distinctive step away from Windows 7 and other versions of the OS. It performs efficiently and effectively even on old hardware and is arguably the most revolutionary development since Windows 95.

One notable drawback with the app is that it essentially juxtaposes two operating systems depending on whether you want to use a classic Windows programme or a new app. This creates an arguably disjointed effect when navigating between different programmes. 

Usability 9/10

Usability and user experience is at the forefront of the Windows 8 app design. As well as exhibiting a slick, responsive layout, it improves the usability for devices featuring a touchscreen. The addition of live tiles means the user spends less time opening and closing apps, and the search function, although moving away from previous versions of Windows, makes for a more intuitive search experience.

The progressive design makes the app more accessible to touchscreen users, although some previous Windows users may take a little while to familiarise themselves with the new features.


Windows 8 marks a turning point for the evolution of Windows products. Its innovative approach to design means that it is a big step towards optimization for touchscreen and cross-device use, away from its predecessor. Windows 8 marks the shift that will change our expectations for any future releases from Microsoft.

Of course, the app is not without its weaknesses, and it has been a source of controversy for some of its developments from previous versions of Windows. But, as with all innovations, it comes down to individual user preference.

Windows 8 is a dramatic shift from previous Windows experiences, and while it has been met with mixed reviews, there are lots of impressive features that shouldn’t be overlooked.


  • Decreased popularity of touchscreen devices means many of the features don’t add much
  • No start button which PC users may find tricky to adjust to
  • Many features rely on an internet connection to function fully.


  • Fast boost mode
  • Improved search function so you can search system wide
  • Cloud-friendly platform for easier syncing and sharing of files.

Design 8

Key Functions 9

Usability 9

Cross-platform use 9

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